September 2015


New Apple TV
The new Apple TV is here, just unveiled at today’s Apple’s September Event. As we all know that Apple’s plans for the living room have circled for years, but I think this is going to represent the biggest charge as of now. Today exec Eddy Cue appropriately called it “a big day for the big screen.” Tim Cook called it “the future of television,” Its a new operating system called tvOS.
That remote appears to have a touchscreen, mic and Wii-like motion controls built in, necessary for Siri to search across “multiple content options (Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, with more to come) on a single screen. It’s feature already offered by competitors like Roku, Samsung, Amazon and Xbox that makes it easy to find a show or movie without having to know which service or app it’s in first, and now it’s on Apple TV too.
This will definitely interest iOS Developer community as developing apps will take advantage of some common technologies with iOS, like Metal, and developers will use the same tools like Xcode. Developers can even build universal apps that let you buy one app that works across your iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.
Apple Tv Game
During the event Apple showed off some new gaming experiences, including Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity 3.0, Shadowmatic, Crossy Road and the new Guitar HeroCrossy Road is also getting a multiplayer mode on Apple TV, where players can join in with an iPhone or iPod Touch as a controller.

Apple iPad Pro
“Today we have the biggest news in iPad since the iPad,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook. That’s right: Apple has just announced the “iPad Pro”, and it’s the biggest iPad yet. The iPad Pro has a whopping 12.9-inch display with 2,732 x 2,048 pixels i.e. 5.6 million Pixels in the screen. To put that size into perspective, that means the screen is almost exactly the same width as the regular iPad’s is tall. It’s also, in case you didn’t run the math, got the same familiar 4:3 iPad aspect ratio and a functionally identical pixel density to the iPad Air. Apple says it’s so big the on-screen keyboard is “full-sized,” like on its laptops.
Inside iPad Pro, there is a brand new A9X chip. Apple’s third-gen 64-bit chip. Doubled memory bandwidth of A8X and graphics performance. One thing Apple isn’t saying how much RAM the Pro has, but chances are its silence on the matter means that it’s the same 2GB as the Air 2.Despite the larger display and increased power, the new iPad will apparently run for 10 hours on a charge.
But wait, there’s more! And this might be a game changer for this iPad Pro. iPad always lacked a pressure sensitive pen for artists. Apple has announced a stylus, called Pencil. Sensors in the Pencil detect position, force and tilt while you draw or write. Apple is calling it “Force data,” which is a fancy way of saying the screen is pressure-sensitive.
Apple iPad Pro Pencil Tilt
Oh, and it charges from the iPad’s Lightning port. At least you’ll never lose the cable?
Apple iPad Pro Pencil charge
In addition to the stylus, Apple also trotted out a “Smart Keyboard,” which is a keyboard case for the iPad Pro that turns the tablet into a Surface-a-like. It connects to the iPad via a new port called the “Smart Connector,” and contains a full keyboard with the same butterfly key technology as the Apple’s recently launched super-thin Macbook.
So. What’s the price for all of these additions? The iPad Pro will start at $799. That’s for a 32GB WiFi model. The 128GB WiFi models will cost $949, while the LTE 128GB model costs $1079. The new iPad Pro will be available in November.

Apple iPhone Event
It’s September 9 and Apple’s iPhone Event is just around the corner. During one of its famous keynote addresses out in California, the one where it always announces new iPhones and if the rumors to be believed, we may see way more than just a new iPhone: anything from a refreshed, pricier Apple TV to a supersized iPad Pro. But of course, the rumor mill has steered us wrong in the past, so we don’t really know if there’ll be an Apple TV, new iPads. But if nothing else, we know this for sure: There will be iPhones.
How To Watch: A video stream of the event is available at 10 AM PDT (which is 10:30 PM Indian Time). It works on any iOS device—just visit the link in mobile Safari. If you’re watching on a computer, you’ll need to use Safari to access the livestream.
We will keep you posted about the new stuff about this event. So be sure to tune in.

iphone 6s plus new features
Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone next week, which most people are already calling iPhone 6s. Many reports have already painted a pretty good picture of what to expect from the new generation of devices.
1. Bigger Display: According to new leaks, the next iPhone will be slightly bigger, making way for new display technology. The leaked pictures are one of the first glimpses of the iPhone 6s Plus, the bigger of the two new phones that Apple is expected to release at its event next week.
2. Force Touch: The pictures also show the phone that contains a sensor (can be seen in the centre of the display) for Apple’s Force Touch technology – which allows the iPhone to tell how hard its screen is being pressed and trigger additional events. Some details of how exactly it will work have already been revealed, indicating that the hard press will trigger further menu options.
iPhone 6s plus force touch
3. Better Camera: A slew of leaked components and rumors indicate that the next iPhone will have an updated 12-megapixel camera. The higher resolution sensor is likely to be paired with a better lens system, optical image stabilisation and a wider aperture. All this will likely just not make it better, but perhaps make it the best smartphone camera. The selfie camera is also in for an update and the rumour mill even suggests a flash on the front.

4. Improved Battery: According to previous leaks, that slightly larger body will have a smaller battery than the iPhone 6. It isn’t clear whether that will mean that the phone will have less battery life, however, since Apple has been rumoured to be adding new, more efficient components.
5. One Killer Feature: Often Apple reserves one killer feature for the newly launched iOS which always works best with a new launched model of the iPhone. For example, Apple unveiled the Siri assistant only with the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple Maps went live with the iPhone 5 and Touch ID and the encryption came with the iPhone 5S. So it would be interesting to see what’s that killer feature will bring us.

Android Wear
Google has officially announced that Android Wear is coming to the iPhone. Right now only the latest iPhones (that includes the iPhone 5 onwards) that are running iOS 8.2 and up are supported . And the most important thing–this app only works with the very latest in Android Wear watches. Right now, the only watch that works with this is the new LG Watch Urbane, which is the most recent Android Wear watch to launch. This app will also work with all future Wear devices, including upcoming watches from ASUS ZenWatch 2, Motorola’s Moto 360 and Huawei Watch.
The watch will be able to display any notifications you’d get on your iPhone — including all notifications from any app you have downloaded there. You can do fitness tracking on the watch with Google Fit. You can get rich notifications from a small set of Google apps, such as Calendar and Gmail. But iPhone users won’t be able to access the 4,000 Android Wear apps from Google’s Play marketplace — made by third-party software makers like social network Pinterest or dating app Tinder — through their Android Wear watches.
Everything on Android Wear works thanks to the Android Wear app on the iPhone — you don’t need to install Google Search or any other Google apps to use it. You can set Google Now reminders, open the Weather app, set timers, and more by speaking to your watch. Most of it is as good or better than Siri. You can also control your music by using your watch, but you can’t search for a specific song in Apple Music the way that Siri can.
So there you have it; if you were a little upset at the limited wearable options available for the iPhone, now you have the latest Android Wear lineup at your disposal. If you happen to have an LG Watch Urbane and you have an iPhone(iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6) lying around, you can go ahead and try out the app.