Who We Are

What We Do

We are an independent developer and publisher of quality games. We develop games across all mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web. Our strength is our spectacular team. Our team players have demonstrated multiple successes in social games and before that in web 2.0 space.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around creating simple, short duration, pick up and play games that are highly re-playable. We emphasize to build capabilities and competencies in digital entertainment technologies to develop contents for various platforms.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide absolute amusement to our customers across cultures and demography. We aim to create synergy in design, development, and distribution by promoting a culture of mutual respect, trust and professionalism.

Our Team

team menber



Naim Siddiqui is a dreamer and a believer. He revels in reveries yet a part of him knows that it's all possible someday. He is an explorer by nature and an inquisitor by nurture. He loves to dabble in as many things his passing day can accommodate. He loves to dream as many things his surpassing imagination can contemplate. He is often teased for his nocturnal ways while he breaks night reading his favorite poetry, analyzing human behavior, debating and discussing mundane and ultra-mundane issues with fellow social media junkies, and planning for his next unplanned venture.He currently oversees five businesses, justifies his reasons to stay single to his friends and family members, and nurtures dreams of a meaningful existence.

He loves reading and remembering tiny bits of immense wisdom that makes up brooding philosophers. He is a relentless entrepreneur, a reliable comrade, a tireless thinker, an eternal explorer, and not-to-forget an Apple aficionado. His technolophilia is often a source of amusement for him and a source of bemusement for technologically-challenged onlookers. His latest venture is Xplorience.
Mohd Shah Nawaz



A generator of new ideas, and business processes, non-fixed income earner who pays known costs of production, searches for change, responds to it and exploits opportunities, energetic and a moderate risk taker.
team menber



A Delhi based cartoonist, began his career at Raj Comics. While he discontinued his passion to found a game design studio called Geek Mentors, the talented artist soon started exploring cartooning further through ‘gags’, under the smelly and highly attractive banner of Garbage Bin.