Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

Six years since the original game released, Rovio has now released the sequel, Angry Birds 2. Till date, the Angry Birds series has spanned fifteen titles since the original, it does make sense if you consider others as more of spin-offs of the original rather than sequels.

At its core it’s still the same game it’s always been—players fling birds with a particular set of skills at pigs inside elaborate but fragile structures. Physics happens. Structures break. Points are accrued. And kill all the pigs before you run out of birds and you complete the stage.




That stuff is quite similar to the original Angry Birds, So what’s new? Well, if we talk about the game play, you can now choose which bird to use. The available birds appear at the bottom as cards and you can tap any of them to select whichever bird you think would be more appropriate for the situation instead of being stuck with a preselected bird. As you play more stages, more birds are unlocked.

Rovio also introduced a new bird called silver, a dazzling young bird with a goofy sense of humor and incredible flying skills. Rest of the flock is same as the original one. Apart from the birds you can unlock different spells which can be used to make the levels easier to finish. There are several spells to cast. The duck spell rains ducks everywhere and destroys all the pigs in that level in one move. The freeze spell turns all the structures into ice, making it easy for any bird to destroy them. The Hot chili spell makes one of the pig explode, destroying everything around it. As you progress, you unlock more spells.




In Angry Birds 2, each stage has multiple levels within and finishing one level lets you progress to the next with the remaining birds (similar to Angry Birds Epic). When you finish all the levels within a stage (usually 2-5) you move on to the next one. It’s important not to use up all your birds at the first level so you have some left for the remaining levels in that stage. If you use up all your birds before that then the game is over.

Angry Birds 2 has around 240 stages in this sequel, with each stage having multiple levels within. So you could be playing this for days. These levels are split into multiple sections that unlock as you play, and more will be added later. This time though Rovio has randomized the stages. If you restart a stage, the structures get randomly rearranged, which never happened before in any Angry Birds game before.

But one new facet of the game is ruffling feathers. Players who exhaust a limited number of “lives” must either wait 30 minutes or complete an in-app transaction for more. They can spend money on digital currency or spend time watching a video.

What disappoint me in Angry Birds 2 is that it breaks the fundamental formula that Rovio themselves once perfected to make their games so addicting: the instant retries. A single tap or two at most and then you’re right back at the start ready to go—one attempt becomes two becomes ten becomes fifty, and that’s how you hook people.

With Angry Birds 2 they somehow screwed this up. Because now there are too many repeat animations and you don’t just launch right back to the slingshot ready to go in one second.

We must say the game looks better than ever, sounds wonderfully whimsical and features some nifty new ideas that could have really carried the franchise forward were it not stopping every other minute at the free-to-play toll booth.


Angry Birds 2

Developer: Rovio

Genre: Physics puzzler

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free (with microtranaction-focused manufactured restrictions)