August 2016


[ September 4 2016 UpdateHow I get my Reliance Jio SIM activated in 10 minutes after activation delay for 2 weeks ]
[ September 1 2016 UpdateReliance Jio SIM activation in 15 minutes via e-KYC ]
While long lines of people queuing up outside Reliance Digital outlets for preview SIM cards may be good news for Jio, it has also meant long delays in activation of these cards.
At least some Reliance Digital outlets are unable to cope with the huge demand and are struggling to process and scan the documents submitted by those buying SIMs are the preview offer.
“We were doing 4 or 5 activations a day,” says an employee at a small Reliance Digital Express outlet in Kerala. “Now we’re selling 60 a day.”
With just two employees, the store has no option but to divert all manpower to simply selling the connections. While earlier, they would activate all connections on the same day, now unprocessed CAFs or customer acquisition forms are piling up.
“It could take days to clear the backlog,” says the employee when we ask them when the connection will be activated.

The delays are being felt mostly by those who are buying a second SIM for use in their existing 4G handset. These SIMs can only be bought from Reliance Digital and RD Express stores, which is what is causing the huge pile-up.
However, you can also get Jio SIMs with preview offers when you buy new handsets, especially LYF-branded ones. And these handsets can be bought from most smartphone retailers.
These retailers also have their own stock of Jio SIMs to be given free with new handsets. The customer acquisition forms for these handsets are not routed through Reliance Digital, but is given directly to Jio.
These forms — which are submitted are third-party retailers — are processed quicker. According to our inquiries, connections bundled with new handsets from independent retailers is being processed on the same day or the next day. This would indicate that activation at Jio’s end is happening smoothly, while some amount of bottlenecks are present at Reliance Digital outlets.

With competitors piling on pressure on Jio to reveal its 4G tariff, the company is racing against time to bring as many high-end users onboard its network as possible.
Jio now offers free SIMs on practically every 4G phone out there in the market. However, some Reliance Digital outlets are providing 4G SIMs only if the handset you are carrying in is included in the official list of ‘preview offer’ devices issued by Jio.
The company currently offers preview offers for handsets from Samsung, LG, Micromax, Panasonic, TCL, Yu, Karbonn, Gionee, Alcatel, XOLO and Asus. More brands are added based on the capability of Reliance Digital outlets to cope with the incoming customer traffic.
The company, meanwhile, seems to be pleasantly surprised at the enthusiastic customer response that its offer has generated. RIL’s official facebook handle has retweeted photos of long queues outside the Reliance Digital outlets.
In fact, the primary reason for restricting SIM sales to only a few brands was to prevent total chaos at Digital outlets. While the company has largely succeeded in ensuring a smooth roll-out, the real test of its strategy will come this week.
The long queues outside the outlets should also be making Jio’s rivals jittery, as it is their customers who are lining up outside these stores desperately for free data and voice calls.
Adjusted for purchasing power parity, India has one of the most expensive data tariffs in the world, and the entry of players like Jio is expected to make wireless Internet affordable for everyone.
Watch this video which I shot after I got this trick to activate my SIM.Those who are suffering from Reliance Jio Activation Delay and living in Delhi NCR and Mumbai can activate their SIM using this trick. I have tested this method and it worked every time.



What is Reliance Jio services and Jio 4G SIM? Why is everyone is talking about it?

There seems to be a lot of interest in the new Reliance Jio services that is offering ultra fast download speed and super cheap data rates. When I heard about the download speed (it was about 28 mbps) from my friend I could not believe it. I thought that he is lying since Reliance has not launched these services commercially and since its in preview mode so there might be some kind of  network issues with these services. But when I saw and used his Lyf Flame 6 Mobile myself I was quite surprised. The speed that I experienced was 26 mbps for downloading and 18mbps for uploading.

My Experience of getting the 4G SIM and Lyf Smartphone.

I decided to buy the Lyf phone and a Reliance Jio Sim. I went to near by Reliance Digital Store and saw people are buying Lyf smartphones and Wi-Fi hubs to experience the high-speed internet. Most people were there to get the Reliance Jio 4G Sim and people were submitting their KYC documents and filling the forms. I purchased a Lyf Flame 6 to experience the service first-hand. Based on this experience, I tell you how you can buy and activate a Reliance Jio SIM.
Lyf Flame 6 costs Rs 2,890, and the SIM I got along with this was FREE. You need to submit a valid photo ID as well as new passport size photograph of yours to get the SIM. You will need to fill an application form as well as to sign the xerox copies of the IDs you have submitted. Ensure that the signatures on the form and on your IDs match.
After that I asked the sales representative about the time it will take to activate the sim, he told me that since there’s been a lot of people coming in to get the Reliance Jio 4G SIM since the company has announced that customers with Samsung or LG 4G smartphones will be able to preview their services, so it might take a week also and you can try other Store and confirm the activation time and if they tell you that it will be done in a day or 2 then you can buy from there.  Since I had already purchased the phone and SIM so I had no other option left.
So I bought this SIM on 14th August 2016, I got the SMS on my registered mobile (Airtel No.) on 22 August 2016 to tele-verify my details.

On the call you will be asked to key in your RJio number, which is available on the SIM pack. Next you will need to give the last four digits of your ID document, in our case an Adhaar card.
And the SIM was already active by the time the tele-verification was done.
Initially, Jio 4G was only available to those who bought the company’s branded Lyf phones which start from as low as Rs 2,999. But after partnering with Samsung, and offering its JioFi mobile router, there are now more people eligible for the preview offer that offers 90 days of free data and voice calls (across all network and even on roaming).

Mobiles that Comes with Jio Preview Offer

  • Samsung – All 4G phones from Samsung, including the recently launched Tizen Z2
  • LG – All 4G phones like the K7, K10 and going up to the LG G5
  • Micromax – All existing 4G compatible phones and the new models.
  • YU Televenture
  • Panasonic

If you have any of the above Phones and you wanted to avail the preview offer

How to Get the Reliance Jio 4G SIM only

  • Users need to download the MyJio app on your phone
  • Generate the code on the app
  • Take it to a nearby Reliance Digital, Xpress Digital Mini store
  • Submit ID documents with one passport size photo
  • Get the Jio 4G SIM
  • Wait for the verification which takes up to 4 hours
  • Tele-verify once your number is up and running

What About Others?

If you don’t have any of these phones, that doesn’t mean you can’t avail the Jio 4G SIM. As we found out, the Jio 4G SIM bundled with brands mentioned above are unlocked, which means they can be used on any 4G phone. But you need to ask any of your friend who has the Eligible phone to generate the code on the MyJio App for you. And take it to thenearby Reliance Digital, Xpress Digital Mini store, Submit ID documents with one passport size photo and get the SIM.