New Apple TV
The new Apple TV is here, just unveiled at today’s Apple’s September Event. As we all know that Apple’s plans for the living room have circled for years, but I think this is going to represent the biggest charge as of now. Today exec Eddy Cue appropriately called it “a big day for the big screen.” Tim Cook called it “the future of television,” Its a new operating system called tvOS.
That remote appears to have a touchscreen, mic and Wii-like motion controls built in, necessary for Siri to search across “multiple content options (Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, with more to come) on a single screen. It’s feature already offered by competitors like Roku, Samsung, Amazon and Xbox that makes it easy to find a show or movie without having to know which service or app it’s in first, and now it’s on Apple TV too.
This will definitely interest iOS Developer community as developing apps will take advantage of some common technologies with iOS, like Metal, and developers will use the same tools like Xcode. Developers can even build universal apps that let you buy one app that works across your iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.
Apple Tv Game
During the event Apple showed off some new gaming experiences, including Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity 3.0, Shadowmatic, Crossy Road and the new Guitar HeroCrossy Road is also getting a multiplayer mode on Apple TV, where players can join in with an iPhone or iPod Touch as a controller.

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