iphone 6s plus new features
Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone next week, which most people are already calling iPhone 6s. Many reports have already painted a pretty good picture of what to expect from the new generation of devices.
1. Bigger Display: According to new leaks, the next iPhone will be slightly bigger, making way for new display technology. The leaked pictures are one of the first glimpses of the iPhone 6s Plus, the bigger of the two new phones that Apple is expected to release at its event next week.
2. Force Touch: The pictures also show the phone that contains a sensor (can be seen in the centre of the display) for Apple’s Force Touch technology – which allows the iPhone to tell how hard its screen is being pressed and trigger additional events. Some details of how exactly it will work have already been revealed, indicating that the hard press will trigger further menu options.
iPhone 6s plus force touch
3. Better Camera: A slew of leaked components and rumors indicate that the next iPhone will have an updated 12-megapixel camera. The higher resolution sensor is likely to be paired with a better lens system, optical image stabilisation and a wider aperture. All this will likely just not make it better, but perhaps make it the best smartphone camera. The selfie camera is also in for an update and the rumour mill even suggests a flash on the front.

4. Improved Battery: According to previous leaks, that slightly larger body will have a smaller battery than the iPhone 6. It isn’t clear whether that will mean that the phone will have less battery life, however, since Apple has been rumoured to be adding new, more efficient components.
5. One Killer Feature: Often Apple reserves one killer feature for the newly launched iOS which always works best with a new launched model of the iPhone. For example, Apple unveiled the Siri assistant only with the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple Maps went live with the iPhone 5 and Touch ID and the encryption came with the iPhone 5S. So it would be interesting to see what’s that killer feature will bring us.

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