July- The month of Julius Caesar. July month was first called Quintilis in Latin since it was the fifth month in the ancient Roman calendar, It was changed around when January became the first month of the year. It was later changed to honor Julius Caesar, the founder of the Roman Empire, during the Julian calendar reform in 44 B.C.
New Horizons Pluto FlyBy: July 2015 surely belongs to Deep Space Science. We have witnessed history when NASA’s New Horizons gave us first real look at Pluto and it’s moons. New Horizons was the fastest object to leave Earth when it escaped our planet’s atmosphere at more than 36,000 miles per hour in 2006. Nine years later, it passed Pluto at a distance of just 7,800 miles, threading the needle through a target window less than 100 miles wide. And, somehow, all the science being done by the seven instruments onboard only consumes 28 watts of power.

Pluto- First Look
Pluto- First Look

Firefox Blocks Flash Automatically: On July 13, Facebook’s head of security publicly declared that it was time for the platform to die, and just a day later, Mozilla’s Mark Schmidt has joined in. In a tweet, Schmidt has announced that, as of the latest update, the Firefox browser will block Flash automatically. It looks as if the technology world has decided that if Adobe won’t do the decent thing and kill it, then everyone else will just tool up and beat it to death themselves.

Apple Music Rolled out in India starting at Rs 120: With the release of iOS 8.4, the new service is made accessible in 100 countries and India hasn’t been ignored.Apple-Music-India Before taking the plunge, the company allows a free trial period of three months. After that you will have to pay Rs 120 per month for individual accounts and Rs 190 per month for a group account of up to six people. Interestingly, it is much cheaper here considering the US pricing for $9.99 and $14.99 for individual and group of six, respectively.

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