Apple iPhone Event
It’s September 9 and Apple’s iPhone Event is just around the corner. During one of its famous keynote addresses out in California, the one where it always announces new iPhones and if the rumors to be believed, we may see way more than just a new iPhone: anything from a refreshed, pricier Apple TV to a supersized iPad Pro. But of course, the rumor mill has steered us wrong in the past, so we don’t really know if there’ll be an Apple TV, new iPads. But if nothing else, we know this for sure: There will be iPhones.
How To Watch: A video stream of the event is available at 10 AM PDT (which is 10:30 PM Indian Time). It works on any iOS device—just visit the link in mobile Safari. If you’re watching on a computer, you’ll need to use Safari to access the livestream.
We will keep you posted about the new stuff about this event. So be sure to tune in.

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